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PSE (P.T. Perfecta Sarana Engineering) is an engineering consulting firm that specialized in container handling equipment and motor vessel, was established on year 2001, permanent member of Indonesian Consultant Association (INKINDO) since 2002

PSE’s Competencies 

Since the beginning of the firm, learning and applying of knowledge for integrated solution has always been our core strength. Our team of people come from various engineering discipline and specialist in their particular fields of structural, mechanical, electrical, power electronic, digital control engineering and automation.
The interaction of all these knowledge, skill and expertise give rise to a set of competencies in PSE, which is a wide range of technical services related to container handling equipment and motor vessel


Engineering Design and Review 

Engineering Design Review should be applied at the beginning of the project implementation. To ensure the suitability, reliability, reasonability and compliancy to the acceptance criteria of the equipment . Learn more...


Technical Assessment or Condition Survey 

PT. Perfecta Sarana Engineering undertakes various types of assessment or surveys depending on the degree of thoroughness required by the customer. Learn more...


Project Management and Supervision

PT. Perfecta Sarana Engineering undertakes, on behalf of the client, to evaluate of tenders and supervision of construction activities to ensure compliance and timely equipment commissioning, final testing and delivery Learn more...


Project or Equipment Cost Estimation 

The scope of cost estimation services is to give an independent and objective estimation and opinion on value of a project or container handling equipment and /or ship vessel based on actual condition and relevant data which is obtained from observation and survey. Learn more...

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Most of PSE’s engineers experienced cover all phases of the container handling equipment and motor vessel profession, from concept, to scheduling, tendering, contracting, expediting, designing, fabrication, assembling and erection, commissioning test run and maintenance.

Their knowledge is multi-disciplinary, this means by multi-disciplinary, they are able to approach a problem not just from narrow prospective of their specialty, but also from different angles of various discipline. 


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