Engineering Design Review should be applied at the beginning of the project implementation. To ensure the suitability, reliability, reasonability and compliancy to the acceptance criteria of the equipments




The scope Of Work The scope of Engineering Design Review is to make an independent and objective analysis on the equipment design calculation and drawings produced by the designer (proposed by the Contractor). P.T. Perfecta Sarana Engineering has in-house and foreigner cranes structural, mechanical, metallurgical automation and electrical engineers with more than 10 years of experience to provide the appropriate design and required engineering analysis that allows for safe continued operation of equipment, user friendly and easily maintenance. The engineers work interactively with the design personnel, modifier, or installer to accomplish rigorous design, cost efficiencies and compliancy to the contract specification and/or Government acceptance criteria. After we complete our analysis, we mark-up the calculation documents and drawings to show which item or issues do not meet the acceptance criteria as required in the contract specification and provide recommendation if required.

PT. Perfecta Sarana Engineering


Most of PSE’s engineers experienced cover all phases of the container handling equipment and motor vessel profession, from concept, to scheduling, tendering, contracting, expediting, designing, fabrication, assembling and erection, commissioning test run and maintenance.

Their knowledge is multi-disciplinary, this means by multi-disciplinary, they are able to approach a problem not just from narrow prospective of their specialty, but also from different angles of various discipline. 


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