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Technical Assessment or Condition Survey

PT. Perfecta Sarana Engineering undertakes various types of assessment or surveys depending on the degree of thoroughness required by the customer.




Purpose A general assessment or survey usually means a visual inspection of the equipment exposed external structure, the mechanical and electrical system. A detailed technical assessment would encompass thorough survey of the equipment. We inspect all mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system, and all structural members, and rigging of components cannot be readily disassembled. We use non destructive testing (NDT) method for the critical areas and we measure the electrical parameters using a sophisticate equipment. Once the inspection is completed we prepare a report that consist of detailed list of deficiencies and recommendation for bringing the equipment in to compliance. If required the cost of refurbishment or repair works also provided..

PT. Perfecta Sarana Engineering


Most of PSE’s engineers experienced cover all phases of the container handling equipment and motor vessel profession, from concept, to scheduling, tendering, contracting, expediting, designing, fabrication, assembling and erection, commissioning test run and maintenance.

Their knowledge is multi-disciplinary, this means by multi-disciplinary, they are able to approach a problem not just from narrow prospective of their specialty, but also from different angles of various discipline. 


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